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YO! Here's a little of the info for KREATIV.SOLE!!

Here's our blog address, we are constantly just throwing random stuff up on there as it pertains to fashion, music, sports and of course KREATIV.SOLE!

Here's our twitter:

become a fan of the store on facebook by typing "kreativ.sole" in the search bar


If you would like to get on our weekly email blast please send an email with "add me" as the subject line to:

Thanks for the support we really appreciate it. We will continue to push forward and represent Alabama to the fullest. We got cool ass dudes here that know whats up on some fashion $h!t / on some hip-hop $h!T / and everything else. We not on no gravel roads no more....WE GET IT IN!!!!


1407 N. Memorial Parkway
Huntsville, AL 35801

256-489-5016 (we do phone orders!)